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What is Proteger?

Proteger is a Smart Machine Analytics system for Industrial Machines.

It can talk to Machine's PLC system and collect every bit of Machine information and send it to it's Cloud based server. The server runs Big data storage and Analytics engines to derive maximum Business Intelligence and present it to end viewers with lucid and interactive visualisations which makes root cause analysis faster and preventive maintenance prompt.

Proteger uses modern IoT frameworks, Large data stores and Machine learning-based models to bring Smart Technologies ot the fore. It saves up to 40% of costs in machine maintenance and helps reducing machine downtime by 60%.

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We will utilise the sensors that is available on site. Based on need, we will install additional sensors as required.


Our devices to collect data from sensors and to transmits to the cloud server over GSM, WiFi or Ethernet.


Our Analytics Engine generates Intelligent reports Realtime alerts.


Our intelligent platform can send commands and controls to the site equipment based on our Prediction Engine.

Machine Production Industry faces

Real Problems that need to be solved

Machines run in "Island Mode" - What happens at site, remains at Site. Decision makers get ambiguous reports which sometime stifles the decision making process. Reports just present a snapshot. Preventive maintenance turns out to be a costly affair.


Anything that can be Monitored can be made Efficient.

Why Choose Us

Our Solutions Made For Your Advantages

Continuous Monitoring

24X7 monitoring done remotely to ensure the vitals are not missed

Energy Savings

Our Analytics Engine knows the thresholds. Get Alerts when the limits are crossed.

No Capex, Pay from what you save

No installation chrages. Our motto - you save, we earn

No Retrofits

Just chug the hassle of site installation. Just connect and GO !!

Our Services

Providing Advanced Services


Use IOT to provide higher value added services


Create a value addition for which the customer is willing to pay.


To reduce man power usage and thus allow us to service more at the same time

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